Hello Friends...My name is Douglas Glidden and I am a Professional Sports/Wildlife and Nature Photographer for the past 14 years located in Idaho Springs, Colorado. I have a unique perspective and vision on photography and being a steward of the land we all share. I am heavily involved with my local Community Radio station..KYGT 102.7/103.9 lpfm Live-steaming at www.clearcreekradio.com or www.kygt.org I live off the grid...Haul my water from an ancient spring and live with wolf/hybrids on some mining claims above Freeland, Co. I believe in personal freedom and the right to express one's self through positive actions...Please browse my work and perhaps support me in my effort to save wolves and share the amazing beauty many of us take for granted or just dont have the time to see for themselves...Thankyou....Peace...Be kind to animals as well as yourselves...

Owner of GliddenPhotoServices
Manager and Senior Photographer for www.rapidimagephoto.com
Producer/Host/News Director/Tower Tech for www.clearcreekradio.com or www.kygt.org in Idaho Springs, Co.
Zone reporter for New Age top 20
Board of Directors for the United Center in Idaho Springs, co.
Volunteer for the Clearcreek/Gilpincounty animal Shelter...
Wolf/Hybrid owner and advocate

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